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GeCube employ butterflies to chill RV530s

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 7 June 2006, 18:36

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GeCube employ butterflies to chill RV530s

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We've praised Mr. Uniwise -- GeCube's Jeff Fu -- time and time again on HEXUS for graphics cooler designs that simply are a cut above the rest, and one of his designs is strapped to Radeon X1600 XT and running in Crossfire mode on GeCube's stand, and it's completely fanless to boot.

The card coolers are beefy in order to get their job done, with heatpipes employed to do the hardest job of heat transfer, and of course you need a well-ventilated chassis for any passive cooling to work, but it yiseems GeCube have essentially cracked what no other vendor has had a go at without some kind of employed fan (bar those in your case).

And not only that, as impressive as it is, but the heatsink has a butterfly living on it. Yes.