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Leadtek show off 7600 GT with HDCP and DVI

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 7 June 2006, 17:26

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Unfortunate enough to own a display device protected by HDCP and serviced by a DVI input? Have a need to playback HDCP-protected content on it? Leadtek -- soon to be owned by Foxconn in terms of graphics board production -- have something you might be interested in, we think.

The company have created a 7600 GT with not only HDCP support, but a changed cooler that's quieter than the reference example almost universally slated. With a much larger, slower spinning fan and heatsink with much more mass and area, the WinFact PX7600 GT is almost the consumate mid-range hardware for HDCP-protected content playback on DVI displays.