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GeCube HDMI-ify passive Radeon X1300

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 7 June 2006, 17:08

Tags: Gecube Radeon X1300

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GeCube HDMI-ify passive Radeon X1300

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With more and more HDMI-equipped displays showing up, in the CE and PC spaces, it makes sense that we're now seeing graphics adaptors sporting the next generation of content-protected outputs.

One of the top candidates for HDMI (and the requisite HDCP) support has to be Radeon X1300, and it's that which GeCube have used to have a go at their first HDMI board to be released to retail soon. Low profile and passively cooled, the Avivo-equipped GPU is capable of decent bitrate HD video playback (including WMV9 HD and H.264) which makes the GeCube highly attractive to many folks.

Not much else is known, and more when we get it. Statutory spy shot follows.