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Large-memory Quadro FXs break cover

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 7 June 2006, 16:36

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Large memory Quadros break cover

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Despite Leadtek apparently pulling out of the graphics board market, with Foxconn taking things over, there's a couple of brand new Quadro FXs on display on their stand. The first is the Quadro FX 5500, sporting G71 and 1GiB of 525MHz GDDR3 framebuffer and dual dual-link DVI outputs. Being G71 it's NVIDIA's most advanced, feature rich and performance laden single-GPU Quadro yet created. Think about it largely as just the FX 4500 but with 1GiB of framebuffer memory.

And speaking of the GPU count, there's now a 'GX2' equivalent. Seemingly created using the older revision of the dual-GPU boards first seen with the Dell-driven Quad SLI, the new Quadro FX 4500 X2 can be paired up with another for four-GPU Quadro running. Each one sports 1GiB (512MiB per GPU) of memory, two G71 GPUs, two power connectors and dual dual-link DVI outputs per GPU, just like the FX 5500. Obligatory pictures follow.






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Just a note the link on teh main page is wrong, you put 5850 instead of 5859
Question, the QuadroFX 5500 uses the same GPU as the 7900GTX correct?

Another question, haven't people modded their Quadro's to be their equivilent 7x00 series card and vica versa?

Final question, if yes to both of the above, if you took a QuadroFX 5500 and modded it to a 7900GTX, wouldn't you then have one of the only 7900GTX's in the world with 1GB of RAM to ONE GPU core? And in SLI mode 2GB of RAM to two GPU cores?

If so, I don't know what impact it would have but its an interesting idea :mrgreen: