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The utterly gratuitous booth babe article

by Nick Haywood on 7 June 2006, 13:52

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Any excuse to take pics of the girlies!


Yes, we know its sexist, wrong and demeaning... but if they didn't want to dress in skimpy outfits, they don't have to...

We have to admit, these two ladies aren't as nice as the CeBIT XFX girls... but hey, they're still smiling!

Ok, the one on the right is Russian and the one on the left is a Brazillian... and she's got one too!


Apparently, NERO now does dual layer.... what thoughts that brings to mind...

Hmm, S3+.... plus what? I'll leave that to your fevered imaginations...


Shuriken Ninja Vixens! (NOT from Broxbourne, so that's alright)

Hands up who wishes they were a microphone?


She's got her bags packed already... seems a tad over-keen to me...

Take your pick... Apparently numbers 3 and 5 come with noodles...

Check back soon for more smut from Compoutex 2006.


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It had to happen really. We're in a country chock full of babes… so here, finally, is the booth babe article!

Check them out in this Computex 2006 Headline.

Be sure to check back often as we'll be adding more babes as we go!

good ol' Nick :D always thinkin of us hexus readers ;)
Go back to XFX stand and get their hot pants!:lol:
I for one am shocked that you'd reduce women to mere sex objects like this..

^^ lol agree :D
erm…..where is the piccies of the HEXUS booth babe……?

You do have one…. dont you? :-)