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Arctic Cooling develop product for 7900 GTX

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 13 March 2006, 21:56

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Arctic Cooling develop product for GeForce 7900 GTX


With GeForce 7900 GTX barely days old, it was slightly surprising to see Arctic Cooling demo their upcoming Accelero X3 (unconfirmed name), suitable for 7900 GTX (and one presumes 7800 GTX 512). With the stock cooler for those products being a bit of alright, the Accelero X3 will have to go some to beat it.

We presume the Swiss low-noise maestros have the skills, though. I'm not entirely sure we've ever reviewed an Arctic Cooling VGA product (our utter bad), so we'll try and get one in for a quick eval.


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Nice. Arctic cooling do great products. Any chance of getting hold of one for the X1800/x1900 series…would be nice :)
Sure thats not an X1 ? I think that fits 7800/7900.

edit - just looking, seems as though the X1 doesnt fit the 7900. So this simply looks like the same cooler with different size/placement of mountings.

X2 is for the X1800, I've got one :)
I think this was a late addition to the show, it was unbranded and very much looked like a sample, rather than a final product.