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Another NVIDIA AIB partner launches 6800 GS AGP

by Steve Kerrison on 11 January 2006, 18:59

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Just before Christmas XFX launched an AGP variant of the GeForce 6800 GS. Now it's the turn of Point of View to do the very same.

According to Point of View's press release, the card features a 350MHz core clock and 1GHz memory clock: "It sounds just like a Point of View GeForce 6800 GT AGP, but this card has a much better price performance ratio!" With the recent spate of excitement over lifestyle products (thanks CES), Point of View have also mentioned the 6800 GS's support for NVIDIA's PureVideo technology.

This news closely follows our HEXUS.bean about a 7800 G S AGP... it's just a matter of time folks. Meanwhile, 6800 GS AGP stock is limited, so if you want one, snap it up.

Point of View 6800 GS AGP

HEXUS.links :: Point of View's press release.

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why are the 6800GS clocked so low?

*edit* - why are the agp 6800GS's clocked so low compared to the PCI-E versions
They're clocked the same as the 6800 GT was. It's probably the fact that they're not native AGP parts that means they aren't any quicker.
yes but the GS is 12 pipes but the gt was 16

so basically it is like a 256MB 6800? Asus did one like that, it was okay but not as fast as an X800pro/X800XL
anyone have any idea of the overclockability and pp unlock success on these babies