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NVIDIA introduces new mobile GPUs too!

by Steve Kerrison on 5 January 2006, 21:09

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2006 International CES

Just a few hours ago we reported on ATI's latest Mobility Radeon GPUs. It seems NVIDIA have the exact same idea as their red competitor, launching their own new line-up of GeForce Go products.

The three new GPUs to grace NVIDIA's mobile line-up are the GeForce Go 7800, 7600 and 7400. They'll be appearing in notebooks alongside technologies such as Intel's Centrino; laptops being launched at CES in fact.

It's interesting that NVIDIA has introduced what is seemingly a full GeForce Go 7 series line-up while the desktop GeForce 7 series line-up remains with just the 7800 variants. Perhaps this is testament to the longevity of the GeForce 6 series, or perhaps there's just too many desktop SKUs right now.

Striking back against ATI's mobile products and their Avivo support is NVIDIA's PureVideo technology. We remember how on desktop GeForce 6 cards there were a few, erm... iffy areas of functionality, but we've seen slow to surface features from Avivo too so it's something we're used to now. The presence of PureVideo is important given the key role the notebook will play this year in playback of HD content... we're gonna be watching HD all over the shop; every consumer electronics manufacturer says so, and who are we to disagree as lowly consumers?

Two mobile GPU line-ups from both of the graphics big boys today, then. CES off to a good start.


HEXUS.pr :: NVIDIA's press release.

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I thought they already did a 7800 go.
yea i have it in my laptop Go7800GTX
yea i have it in my laptop Go7800GTX
Yes but yesterday's launch was the straight 7800 Go
Ahhh right got ya sorry