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AMD cuts Radeon HD 7000-series pricing, again

by Parm Mann on 16 July 2012, 11:44


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AMD's Radeon department is either being particularly generous or it's feeling the pressure being exerted by NVIDIA's rival GeForce.

We've a feeling it's the latter, but either way there's good news for consumers as Team Red is continuing to cut the price of its high-end Radeon HD 7000-series graphics cards.

Following similar price cuts back in April, the manufacturer has confirmed that a further $50 has been trimmed off the MSRP of its Radeon HD 7970, HD 7950 and HD 7870 products.

  Radeon HD 7970 Radeon HD 7950 Radeon HD 7870
Launch MSRP $549 $449 $349
April MSRP $479 $399 $349
July MSRP (NEW!) $429 $349 $299

As detailed in the table above, AMD's new pricing puts the $429 Radeon HD 7970 into GeForce GTX 670 territory, while the $349 Radeon HD 7950 is positioned to undercut the same NVIDIA card. Radeon HD 7870, meanwhile, now sits at the $299 mark and is expected to go head-to-head with a GeForce GTX 660 Ti in the near future.

Pricing is certainly keen, and AMD's bundled-game promotions aren't doing the Radeon HD 7000-series any harm, either. Right now, HD 7970 and HD 7950 cards are still eligible for the Three For Free offer - which lets buyers download DiRT Showdown, Nexuiz and Deus Ex: Human Revolution for free - and all HD 7870s are also being bundled with a free copy of DiRT Showdown.

A good time to pick up that GPU upgrade you've been contemplating? Perhaps, but if pricing keeps tumbling at this rate, it's going to be a very merry Christmas.

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I hope these reductions translate to UK prices soon as I want a 7870 now!
I hope these reductions translate to UK prices soon as I want a 7870 now!
Yerp, just as long as “translate” != “£1:1$”. A quick bit of figuring sees a 7970 for £332 inc VAT, which sounds quite good to my inexpert ears.
EDIT: There's already that pricing, actually £322 so a whole tenner cheaper!

One of these days I'm going to get off my lazy b'hind and seek out some benchmarks - something a bit quicker than my (now old) GF460 would be desirable, and up to this point I've been a staunch NVidia loyalist.
dammit, only just got my 7870! oh well, i'll look at getting another one for Xfire…
I'm going to wait till August or later for the GTX660 to see what NVidia brings but if the prices get any lower I'll take the plunge now!
My Launch-purchased GTX680 /appears/ to still cost *more* now than it did when I bought it ;)