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PNY debuts liquid cooled GeForce offering

by Navin Maini on 13 September 2011, 15:33

Tags: PNY

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PNY has added a liquid cooled GTX 580 SKU to its XLR8 line of graphics solutions, which we happened to report the makings of, earlier this year.

The XLR8 Liquid Cooled GeForce GTX 580 clocks in at 857MHz for the GPU, 1,714MHz for the shaders, and 4,212MHz (effective) for the 1,536MB GDDR5.



If you're wondering about the performance of the all-in-one liquid cooling solution, PNY claims temperature advantages of up to 30 per cent over a reference cooling solution. A 30 per cent reduction in operating noise is also quoted, and there's also the mention of increased overclocking headroom.

PNY's suggested price tag for its XLR8 Liquid Cooled GeForce GTX 580, comes in at £469.

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Looking forward to the full review!
Nice idea useless implementation.

All in one water cooling is not the way to go. PNY produce the same thing but without pump, radiator or tubes merely standard connectors and you have a very nice card.

If you would do the same for a 560 ti I would be very very happy.

Water cooling can either be done for performance or noise reduction. A good air cooler for a CPU is a wonderful thing and reasonable quiet at stock performance levels, sadly most GPU coolers are not nearly so quiet. If you want a quiet PC, watercooling the CPU, GPU and (if feeling brave) RMA with a decent triple radiator is not only entirely possible but also gives some overclocking room as long as you do not push it too hard
I disagree, this will appeal to the set-and-forget crowd. There's no denying all-in-one solutions have a place, and there's already tons of waterblocks for those going full custom.
miniyazz - we can agree to disagree.

High end air cooling on the 580 work well with noise kept under control, water cooling for GPU would only really be a benefit in a case where airflow is restricted, in which case radiator is probably in wrong place.

Better example is CPU + GPU cooling which can be done with a good dual or triple radiator, water cooling gives you better temperatures throughout the case (no hot air) 2 or 3 120m fans whereas aircooling will need a GPU fan a 120 mm fan on the CPU and a 120 mm exhaust fan.

The PNY is really just a starter kit for those who want to try