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Sapphire revisits HD 5800 series with two new SKUs

by Navin Maini on 12 April 2011, 12:29

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Sapphire is revisiting its HD 5800 series today, with the launch of two new SKUs - the HD 5850 Xtreme and HD 5830 Xtreme.

Both feature 1GB GDDR5 memory running at 4,000MHz effective, with GPU clock speeds churning at 725MHz and 800MHz, respectively, for the HD 5850 Xtreme and HD 5830 Xtreme.

The manufacturer tells us that optimised voltage regulation, support for the TriXX overclocking tool and a new original cooling solution design all combine, to offer solutions that represent spectacular value for money, whilst supporting the latest gaming titles.

Obviously delivering the full feature-set of the HD 5800 series - including Eyefinity support - expect Sapphire's latest flavours to be available this month.

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Guess it comes down to price. The 5850 can still hold it own against the newer cards quite well.
OcUK have had these models on sale for a while. The HD5850 1GB also has a shorter 8.5" PCB too.
Pixmania have them at £98. £9 postage. Unfortunately I don't hear good things about them.

EDIT: review at overclockers club. Can't see the charts due to not having the plugins at work. AFAIK If the 5850 overclocks to 6870 speeds (i.e. 880) it will be faster.
Here are some reviews of the cards:


According to the Kit Guru review the HD5830 should cost around £80 and the HD5850 around £100. However,it seems the HD5830 uses a PCB based on the one found in an HD6870 and the HD5850 PCB seems to based on an HD6850 PCB. It looks like the HD5850 has relatively limited overclocking ability although the shorter PCB means it will fit in more cases.
Only thing is they sort of crumble when you stick some tessellation their way.