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Galaxy enters Hall of Fame with 1GHz GTS 450

by Pete Mason on 28 October 2010, 11:23

Tags: Galaxy, KFA2

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No matter which GPU you're talking about, pushing the core clock beyond 1,000MHz is a pretty major achievement that you don't often see. With its latest factory-overclocked GTS 450, though, Galaxy has become the latest company to join the 1GHz club.

The new card - which has been given the Hall of Fame moniker - turns the GF106 core up from the stock speed of 783MHz to a round 1,000MHz. This means that the 192 shaders will tick over at a blistering 2,000MHz - a 28 per cent increase over the reference frequencies. The 1GB GDDR5 has been given a sizable boost as well, going from 3,608MHz to an impressive 4,100MHz.

Of course, a fair bit of engineering went into building this beast, and the card gets the benefit of custom 3+1 phase power circuitry and a custom twin-fan cooler. Four large copper heatpipes will draw the heat out to a set of aluminium fans, where the two PWM fans will keep everything cool - though unfortunately the heat won't be ejected out of the back of the case.

The Hall of Fame GTS 450 is certainly the fastest we've ever seen this GPU pushed out of the factory, and even beats our own efforts to overclock similar cards. Unfortunately, we won't get to see it on these shores, though we can always hope that Galaxy's European subsidiary, KFA2, will step up and release its own 1GHz variant.

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