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Leaked slide sheds light on AMD Radeon HD 6970 and 6950

by Parm Mann on 14 October 2010, 10:14


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Much has been made of AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 6000-series architecture - codenamed Northern Islands - but if you're still wondering what exactly is in store in terms of products, here's how it's shaping up.

A combination of recent leaks, rumours and speculation have the Radeon HD 6870 and HD 6850 launching at the tail end of next week.

Based on the 'Cayman' core and believed to be arriving as the new mid-range crop, both products appear to have strong performance credentials, with early benchmarks going as far as to suggest that the Radeon HD 6870 offers close to 50 per cent more grunt than the current mid-range HD 5770.

Good news for budget gamers, but for those who'll accept nothing but the crème de la crème, AMD won't attempt to topple NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 480 until late in November.

According to the above slide - the latest to leak from Chinese site Chiphell - late November will see the arrival of the Cayman XT and Cayman Pro cores, both of which are believed to be productised as the Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950, respectively.

The slide reinforces recent speculation, but throws in a few additional tidbits. If the information's accurate, AMD's soon-to-be-fastest-single-card-solution, the Radeon HD 6970, will feature a mammoth TDP of up to 300W, necessitating both six-pin and eight-pin PCIe power connectors.

The toned-down Cayman Pro core - used in what's believed to be the Radeon HD 6950 - scores a TDP of under 225W and requires two six-pin power sources.

Real-world performance remains a question mark, but we'll have a better idea when we take a look at the first of the 6000-series crop late next week.

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Slide is a fail.. AMD would not be stupid enough to get the units wrong on memory speed. 6Gbps is several orders of magnitude out.
I thought the 6970 was the new 5970? Wasnt the 5970 sort of a 5870x2?

Surely 1GB of memory is a bit low for a dual card?
it's set to be a single GPU card supposedly.
I really have no faith at all in these slides, why would AMD spend the whole time having meetings with dubiously trustworthy workers instead of doing any actual work?
I thought the 6970 was the new 5970? Wasnt the 5970 sort of a 5870x2?

Surely 1GB of memory is a bit low for a dual card?

From reading other discussions on here I think the consensus is that the 6970 is going to be more of a replacement for the 5870 - so yeah that would make it single-GPU. 6000-series naming is going to confuse a few people I think! :help:
ah yes, i did read about the 5870 becoming the 6970 - noob comment, sorry :p

so does that mean the 6970 x2 will be the 6990?