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Galaxy announces GTX 460 with integrated WHDI

by Pete Mason on 1 October 2010, 17:23

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We've been pretty impressed by WHDI so far - the wireless interface that can beam an uncompressed 60Hz 1080p signal to a TV with under a millisecond of lag. However, all of the solutions to date have involved plugging a PC - or other device - into a clunky black transmitter.

No more, though, as Galaxy has announced the world's first graphics card with integrated WHDI. Working with AMIMON - the developer of the technology - the manufacturer has crafted a video-card capable of transmitting any content from a PC to a big screen over distances of up to 30m.  The low latency should even make it suitable for gaming.

The card underneath the aerials is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, though it isn't clear if it's clocked at stock frequencies or not. Given the premium that this card will probably attract, we'd hope that it will get at least a small speed-boost.

Thankfully, the inclusion of WHDI doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice traditional outputs, with DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI all still present.

Obviously, the system will still need a receiver, and though Galaxy has shown pictures of a branded unit, it didn't give any indication as to whether it would include one in the box.

While the manufacturer has the WHDI-enabled GTX 460 lined up to launch this month, Galaxy doesn't currently sell its cards in the UK. However, there's always a chance that subsidiary KFA2 will launch the GPU here if there's a market for it.

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'nuff aerials?
Bloody fantastic!!! - I have my main gaming computer hooked up to our TV in the lounge after the study became a nursery. Now I would have the freedom to move the PC wherever I like!!
Price will be the selling point.
Does it transmit audio too from the graphics card audio output ? ? ?
Well, if it is made to transmit video i would exspect (and hope) that it transmited audio!