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AMD ATI Radeon HD 5750 surfaces.

by Tarinder Sandhu on 2 October 2009, 15:34

Tags: Radeon HD 5750, AMD (NYSE:AMD)

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In a recent article we conjectured on what would make a good Radeon HD 5770 GPU. Cut down from the Radeon HD 5870/50 cards to hit an etail price point of below $200, we expect a bit less of everything.

Now, the word on the street is that the $150 Radeon HD 5750 is due to make an appearance very soon. Those pesky critters over at mymypc.com have taken pictures and posted a few benchmarks on what is purportedly the mid-range 5-series card.

Assuming that the report is correct, the 'Juniper' HD 5750 will feature 1,120 stream processors operating at 700MHz and a 128-bit memory interface allied to GDDR5 memory running at an effective 4,600MHz. This amounts to a theoretical 1.57TFLOPS of compute performance and 73.6GB/s bandwidth.

The memory-bandwidth number seem a little low for a card that should etail for around £115 in the UK, especially in view of the attractive price on current Radeon HD 4870 and 4890 cards.

We'd have hoped that the HD 5750 would ship with a single-slot-taking reference cooler, intimating low power-draw. That doesn't appear to be the case, although AMD's AIBs may well design their own solutions at a later date.

Should the vital statistics and price turn out to be true, AMD will have its work cut out in convincing punters that an upgrade from a mid-range Radeon 4-series or GeForce 9-series card is in order.

The simple fact of the matter is that AMD is in a position to charge a premium for shiny, new hardware because NVIDIA won't have a comparable response until next year.

What do you think? Impressed by this 'HD 5750'?

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WOW! That's one big phat ugly mother of all coolers! Definitely asking for an after market job.
Impressed? Not really - but I'm not surprised either. ATI seem to have some huge phobia about deviating from powers of 2 in their memory buses. Fast DDR5 makes up for some of the bandwidth limitation (and 1150MHz is pretty blazing as an *actual* memory speed…) so bandwidthwise it'll come out just ahead of the 9800GT/GTX/GTX+/GTS 250 and the 4850, but well behind the GTX260 and upwards, and 4870/90. It's raw power should be greater than all of those cards but it's hard to see it not being bottlenecked by the memory bandwidth (unless ATI know something we don't, of course - we may all be proved wrong!) Did anyone ever clock a 4850 to 4870 speeds (or vice versa) and see how much difference the bandwidth made? I'm going to have to go and serach for that now! Anyway, I think it'll have to come down to nearer Ā£120 to make financial sense…

As to the cooler, I'd love to know who's designing these things! Something more like the original 4770 cooler design would've been far better, but apparently big and retro is the order of the day for ATIs midrange cards…!

EDIT: based on the graph here doubling the bandwidth (DDR3 - DDR5 in this case, 4850 v 4870 *at the same clocks*) makes between 5% and 15% difference across a range of games. So perhaps that 128bit memory interface isn't going to be such a stumbling block after all, since the 5770 has 40% more cores (read: compute power) than a 4870 / 4890. On the other hand, games can only get more intensive, so the 5770 doesn't look like a good long term purchase to me…
well with the current setup being 2x DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 Display Port, that mandates a 2 slot design. That cooler looks cheap (cost wise to me) which is probably the whole point.
Well done Cat, have a gold sticker. :)