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Sparkle fleshes out Arctic-cooled GeForce GTX 285 Plus

by Parm Mann on 27 May 2009, 09:48

Tags: GeForce GTX 285 Plus, Sparkle

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Taiwan's SPARKLE Computer company has launched another custom variant of NVIDIA's fastest single GPU, the GeForce GTX 285.

SPARKLE's card, pictured below and dubbed the GeForce GTX 285 Plus, sports what SPARKLE claims to be "the ultimate cooling weapon for hardcore gamers". It's referring to Arctic Cooling's Accelero Xtreme - a five heatpipe, 107 fin, three PWM-fan cooler that promises temperatures 20┬░C lower than reference and "unnoticeable operation".

The purple fan blades add a touch of Sparkle - excuse the pun - but the improved cooling allows for overclocked core-and-memory frequencies, too. SPARKLE's GeForce GTX 285 Plus is factory overclocked and will ship with its GPU raised from the standard 648MHz to 666MHz, and its 1GB of GDDR3 memory operating at an effective 2,520MHz - up from 2,484MHz.

There's no mention of pricing or availability, but if you've a love for all things purple...

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