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ATI set to retire Radeon HD 4830 and replace with all-new HD 4770

by Tarinder Sandhu on 27 April 2009, 11:45

Tags: HIS Radeon 4770 512MB (midrange, Cat 9.4 press), AMD (NYSE:AMD), ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD), HiS Graphics

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Those pesky critters over at Expreview.com have got themselves another leaked ATI roadmap. Is nothing sacred any more? Image courtesy of Expreview.

According to the brief graphics-card roadmap, we can see that the Radeon HD 4870 X2 will remain the fastest card until, well, some DX11 hardware pops up on the scene. Radeon HD 4870 has already had a price snip and we've seen the HD 4890 come in at around £199 now.

Interestingly, the Radeon HD 4830, which right now is a decent buy at £75-£80, will be shelved and replaced by the all-new Radeon HD 4770 at the crucial $99 price-point.

Via some crude interpretation, the arrow denotes that its performance fits in somewhere between the HD 4830 and HD 4850. Conjecturing somewhat, Radeon HD 4770, ostensibly based on the same core and ramping up clocks via the use of GDDR5 on a mainstream card, should be a good buy for £75.

Excited? We are.

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Think you need to add that its not just bumping up clocks and DDR5 its also made via a 40nm fabrication which is a HUGE step :P.
A tad disappointed that the 4770 needs PCI-E power and the 4750 too… hopefully the model below will still be more powerful than the 4670 but under that threshold where PCI-E power connector is needed.
Well the 4770 is about the same power usage as the 4830 on idle(216) but on load its 80watts less than the 4830 so its more useful on load then anything.
4830 being replaced by a 4770? Sounds like a step backwards - can the naming system get any more confusing?
… can the naming system get any more confusing?
Oh, I should think so… ;):confused: