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IDF August 2005 :: NVIDIA Update

by David Ross on 24 August 2005, 00:00

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Whilst this week is dominated by news from Intel, we have spent sometime talking with NVIDIA and finding out their plans for the future. Here are some brief updates on the state of play.

NVIDIA will be releasing Rel-80 drivers within the next month, which we exclusively revealed back here that they will support mix-matched graphics cards. Whilst it is unclear if it will currently down clock the performance of the faster card - it will show a clear upgrade path for users who have SLI and a single 6-series card. We should see this within the next month.

When we asked NVIDIA about their plans with SLI for notebooks they stated that they have been working with ODM's in Taiwan on solutions and we will see something on the market within the coming months. These are exciting times for DTR users. If we were to speculate we would suspect that Clevo would be the first with a chassis on the market. NVIDIA re-affirmed the support from the industry on their MXM solution. HEXUS has seen MXM solutions from rockdirect which run ATI based graphics cards.

We have not had confirmation of a mobile chipset from NVIDIA, but without doubt this will have to be the case in order to have dual graphics within a notebook.

Moving on to Integrated graphics, NVIDIA informed us that the C51 integrated solution for AMD will be avaliable on the market within the next few weeks. They told HEXUS that it would be the fastest integrated graphics solution avalible. HEXUS knows that ATI currently dominate this market segment, and with NVIDIA hot on their heels we look forward to seeing what they have coming next.

We talked to NVIDIA about 7200, and 7600, whilst the information was not as forth coming as we hoped, we believe we will see one of these cards at least before Christmas.

It appears to be a busy few months for NVIDIA with Christmas coming up.

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