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Intel Nehalem to be named Core i7

by Parm Mann on 8 August 2008, 17:11

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Intel, the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, has announced that its Nehalem processors will be branded as Core i7 when they launch later this year.

The shiny logo, similar in size and design to Intel's existing Core 2, will be blue for standard models, and black for Extreme Edition CPUs.

Intel's first Core i7 processors, codenamed Bloomfield, are expected to land in Q4 as 2.66GHz and 2.93GHz parts, accompanied by a range-topping 3.2GHz Extreme Edition.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife as to why Intel has chosen Core i7 as the name for its Core 2 successor. Many have suggested that Nehalem is technically Intel's seventh-generation architecture, and that i7 could simple stand for Intel 7.

Our first reaction to the proposed branding wasn't exactly a good one. Core i7 doesn't quite roll of the tongue, though, Apple fans will no doubt be happy to see the "i" nomenclature getting even more exposure. Microsoft, similarly, may appreciate the similarity between Core i7 and Windows 7.

What do you think of Intel's chosen name for Nehalem? Did you have any imaginative names or your own, or were you secretly hoping for a return of the Pentium brand? Share your thoughts in the forums.

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Was “iCore” taken then?
X and I, the two most overused characters in marketing departments the world over.

And yes, we have an X, but we've had once since before it was cool.
I wonder if they even seriously considered “Core 3”? It makes perfect sense in relation to their “tick-tock” strategy as well.
I wonder if they even seriously considered “Core 3”? It makes perfect sense in relation to their “tick-tock” strategy as well.

There was Core and Core2, so thats the tick-tock strategy finished.

But what will be the “Tock” of i7? i8?
Perhaps, it will be “i72” or “i7a”, things that make equally as much sense as i7 does in the first place.

I think i7 is the right concept: I like that they're reclaiming I for intel, like 780i = 780 chipset, intel edition on nForce boards, but i7 is ugly as :censored: and you're quite right, does not roll off the tongue well.

I would have been happy with Intel 7, if Windows 7 weren't just around the corner :angst: