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Intel employee Tweets "DG2 is right around the corner"

by Mark Tyson on 7 May 2021, 10:11

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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One of the most highly anticipated releases from Intel this year will be its first discrete GPU designed for enthusiasts and gamers, codenamed DG2. There is some hope that Intel might ride to the rescue of those forlorn folk trying to find modern high-end graphics cards in the barren crypto-miner ravaged retail environment that exists today. Moreover, the rumour that Intel's flagship DG2 with 512EUs performs "like an RTX 3070 Ti," certainly sets the pulse racing.

From the most recent Intel DG2 chitter-chatter we are expecting Intel DG2 graphics cards to launch in H2 this year. So, if we are lucky we could get some information morsels at the Computex virtual event. The most recent rumours, linked above, suggest that the lower echelon DG2 cards with say 128 and 256EUs, will arrive first, with the 512EU GPU coming out nearer the end of the year. Apparently a major problem for Intel is in getting XeSS, its DLSS-a-like technology, ready for prime-time.

Having outlined our timescale expectations above, Pete Brubaker, a Game Developer Relations Engineer at Intel, has published a very interesting post on social media. The exec shared a job vacancy posting, as Intel is seeking a 'Senior Game Developer Relations Engineer'. Brubaker seemed pretty excited about the impending prospects at Intel and bid his Twitter followers to "Come work with us at Intel! DG2 is right around the corner." He added a further tease - "it's about to get exciting."

The flagship DG2 model sporting 512EUs is supposed to feature up to 16GB of GDDR6 memory on a 256-bit bus. All models should offer DX12 Ultimate feature support, and we noted Raja Koduri testing an Xe-HPG in a new 3DMark test in Feb, following up with a statement about its performance (equating to approx RTX 3070 level) in March this year.

Update: Igor's Lab reveals Intel DG2 laptop SKUs

This morning Igor Wallossek has published a table of the Intel DG2 GPUs which he says are destined for inclusion in Alder Lake laptops in the latter part of 2021. This is preliminary data, and laptop-only, but gives you an idea of what Intel could do on the desktop with discrete cards pulling 200W+.

Expect the above SKUs to make it to market in laptops starting from calendar wk40 to 50 (smaller SKUs). The bigger GPUs will likely appear between wk50 2021 and wk10 2022, says Wallossek.

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Only just employing people of that calibre when it's just around the corner?

I hope i'm just being a cynical pessimist.
Right around the corner according to a company that really embraces slipped schedules.
Intel shouldn't worry about Xess. Just launch the GPU and let Xess follow. It's worked for AMD.
on TSMC?
Right around the corner according to a company that really embraces slipped schedules.

Most companies say things like ‘soon’, ‘any day now’ and ‘right around the corner’, when they really mean ‘In the next three to five years… probably… long as nothing goes wrong’.