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Intel VP confirms upcoming support for Adaptive Sync

by Mark Tyson on 15 November 2018, 11:11


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Intel has previously given some hints about its plans to support Adaptive Sync technology. Most recently, back in August, Ex-AMD exec Chris Hook, now head of Discrete Graphics and Visual Technologies Marketing at Intel, confirmed that Intel is still working on implementing Adaptive Sync technology. The first rumours of Intel support for Adaptive Sync started back in 2015, so such a move is definitely not a hasty decision.

A few hours ago Lisa Pearce, Vice President at Intel Corporation, took to Twitter to make it very clear that "Yes. We are supporting Adaptive Sync". I've embedded the official @IntelGraphics Tweet below, with a video of Pearce talking about the decision. However, the audio isn't so clear and I had to listed carefully a few times to understand what she was saying.

To help others who may find difficulty with the audio, I will part quote what Pearce said, and the essence is that "our priority is going to be enabling the standard interfaces that are out there now." Pearce reasoned that Intel definitely doesn't want a proprietary solution. Pargmatically, the "widest impact, widest install base we can have, will be the focus right now." That solution is the VESA Adaptive Sync standard, as AMD uses under the FreeSync brand name.

The next question is - when we will see the first Intel iGPUs / dGPUs with Adaptive Sync?

Intel Neural Compute Stick 2

While on the topic of Intel developments I thought it worthwhile to recap a couple of new Intel devices. On Wednesday it introduced the Neural Compute Stick 2. This can provide up to 8x the performance of the original stick, in AI tasks such as object detection and image classification. The upgraded performance is use to the use of the latest Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU with more compute cores and a dedicated hardware accelerator for deep neural network inference.

Intel RealSense D435i Stereo Depth Camera

On Tuesday, Intel revealed the new RealSense D435i Stereo Depth Camera. The main attraction of this new device is its new inertial measurement unit (IMU) that helps provide 6 degrees of freedom data. This will be useful in fields such as gaming, advanced scanning, drones /robotics, and more. This camera is available for pre-order with deliveries from 26th Nov onwards.

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“To help others who may find difficulty with the audio”

The levels are not perfect but what you are saying is she isn't speaking English?