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VVIKOO (VVI-who?) launches GeForce 9600GT Turbo

by Parm Mann on 21 February 2008, 14:01

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Equipped with a pure cooper cooler from Zalman

NVIDIA's GeForce 9 series kicks off today in the form of the 9600GT, a mid-range SKU taking fire at ATI's very decent Radeon HD3850 and HD3870.

One manufacturer hasn't wasted anytime in launching its first 9600GT products and that manufacturer is the not-yet-common VVIKOO. The Paris-based manufacturer of high-end and mainstream products of NVIDIA and ATI chipsets, has today launched its GeForce 9600GT and 9600GT Turbo.

The Turbo offering supports PCI-Express 2.0, provides 64 units of stream processors, and 512MB of GDDR3 memory. It's GPU is pre-overclocked at 700MHz and its memory gets similar treatment at 2000MHz.

Helping keep the Turbo cool is a quadruple heat-pipe cooler from Zalman, previously used on VVIKOO's GeForce 8800GT MAX.


VVIKOO 9600GT Turbo

Complete specifications:

Product Name

GeForce 9600GT Turbo

GeForce 9600GT


Graphics chip

NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600GT

NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600GT

Core clock



Memory type



Memory Size / bandwidth

512MB 256bit

512MB 256bit

Memory clock




2 * Dual-link DVI-I, HDMI, DisplayPort

Dual-link DVI-I, HDMI, TV-OUT


PCI-Express 2.0

PCI-Express 2.0


NVIDIA® SLI™ technology
NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology
NVIDIA® nView™ technology

NVIDIA® SLI™ technology
NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology
NVIDIA® nView™ technology

HEXUS will soon be taking an in-depth look at a 9600GT offering and we'll reveal how NVIDIA's new mid-range SKU stands up against ATI's current. Stay tuned.

Official press release: VVIKOO launches its GeForce 9600GT Turbo graphics card

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