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AMD VP Henri Richard resigns

by Willy Deeplung on 22 August 2007, 14:34


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Amd's Henri Richard

We have it on good authority that AMD's chief sales and marketing officer Henri Richard has resigned and that his resignation has been accepted and will take effect from September 8.

AMD executive VP Henri Richard

Our exclusive revelation that AMD's marketing leader - and Hector Ruiz's right-hand man - is to leave comes soon after the departure from AMD of former ATI CEO Dave Orton.

At the time that it purchased ATi, AMD had over $2bn in the bank and was (on paper at least) almost three times bigger than graphics giant - which had been regularly banging in quarterly results in the region of $650M.

Unfortunately, since the merger, AMD has struggled to get past $1.3Bn - strongly indicating that ATI is, quite possibly, now delivering half of AMD's revenue.

HEXUS can only imagine the pressure that Henri Richard must have been under with these results.

Despite several RIF actions (Reduction In Force), AMD is still having to work overtime just to keep in any sort of contact with Intel's revitalised operation.

New marketing ideas and drive are going to be needed - and they won't be coming from Henri.

It's been said that the true test of marketing gurus is not how much market share they gain when they have the number one product but, rather, how little they lose when their opponent has them assmastered.

HEXUS, and the rest of the global IT players, is interested to see where Henri ends up and what further fall-out will result from AMD's dire sales and profit results.

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ok, now the guy who killed off s939 before its time needs to do the same. leaving a note apologising for the murder of AMD
Great shame if this is true - it was refreshing to see someone so high up in a company respond to fans emails directly.
A bit unfair if true - you can't expect a salesforce to deliver if you don't give them the ammunition to fight with …
damn straight - now for the Head of R&D
a bit harsh hexus … this isnt the enq. Having said that they must be s***ing bricks over at AMD at the moment. If they can get thier next line of cpus sorted they are still in a stronger position than they were in the old althlon xp and k7 days. I personaly want to thank Henri for helping bring some competition to the cpu market. We have never had it so good. The pc that you can build for about Ā£400 now is something well worth having … not something i could have said 5 years ago.