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Intel Desktop Processor Roadmap Update

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 11 May 2004, 00:00

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Intel's recent shift in its CPU roadmap for 2005 and beyond has certainly given a lot of people a lot to talk about. However it hasn't really affected their 2004 lineup, a spicy roadmap for which has just landed in my Inbox. The roadmap covers all desktop and mobile processors scheduled to be released in 2004 and early 2005.

While this kind of info would normally wait for my usual quarterly previews, it's worth a small separate article this time around.

Pentium 4 720

If you check out my coverage of Intel's processor releases in Q2 2004 here, you'll notice the Pentium M processor family currently has the 7 leading number.

That'll change in Q4 of this year when the Pentium 4 720 arrives. It's the first of the Prescott refresh parts and comes specced similar to Dothan, Intel's 90nm mobile Pentium-M.

On a 1066MHz front side bus and running at 3.73GHz, the 90nm processor will pack 2MB of L2 cache memory into the LGA775 package. That's right, a 2MB L2 desktop part up in the 3.7GHz range in 2004, on LGA775.

It'll require a new chipset for operation, Grantsdale and Alderwood missing the 1066MHz front side bus boat. The i925XE will therefore step up to the plate in Q4 ready for the new processor and the start of a new 1066MHz range with the 7 leading number.

Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.46GHz

The Gallatin-2M core used to create Extreme Edition processors also gets to ride the 1066MHz bus in 2004, with the 3.46GHz version available at that front side bus speed in Q3, on the LGA755 socket. As previously reported, the 800MHz versions on LGA775 at 3.2 and 3.4GHz get launched on June 21st. It'll use the same new i925XE bridge that the 720 will need.

4GHz in 2004

The 4GHz Pentium 4, the 580, is scheduled for launch before Christmas this year on LGA775. Using current Prescott 90nm technology with a 1MB L2 cache, it's an 800MHz front side bus processor and won't need any new chipset (past Granstdale and Alderwood) for operation.


The new 5-series desktop processors (Prescott 1MB L2 cores on 90nm, LGA775, 800MHz front side bus) have got fixed volume pricing for June 21st in the roadmap.

Pentium 4 560 - 3.60GHz - $637
Pentium 4 550 - 3.40GHz - $417
Pentium 4 540 - 3.20GHz - $278
Pentium 4 530 - 3.00GHz - $218
Pentium 4 520 - 2.80GHz - $178


If you weren't aware of 1066MHz processors being launched by Intel this year, both Gallatin-2M and 2nd generation Prescott based, along with the supporting chipset (more info, past knowing it's DDR2+ECC only, when I can get it), you certainly will be now. It remains to be seen if the roadmap can be followed by Intel, but the intent is certainly there.

More information as and when it trickles in.