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Tyan announces massive new Opteron based product line-up

by Steve Kerrison on 18 August 2006, 16:42

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Server platform provider Tyan has this week announced a wave of new products based on AMD's latest Opteron processors.

The new CPUs from AMD, which are packaged into the new 1207-pin Socket-F interface, offer support for FB-DIMMS and future RAM technologies, along with, say AMD, performance and power consumption enhancements. Tyan then, has put together 18 new product lines for the new Opteron 8000, 2000 and 1000 series chips.

Tyan's Opteron product page details all the products for the new CPUs, including workstation and desktop boards, up to 5U rackmount systems and multi-core 1U solutions. Tyan's also slipped in the current buzzword of 'quad-core' into its press release:

Tyan's upcoming product line, based on this exciting new technology, enables Tyan system and platform products to deliver performance-per-watt efficiency, dual-core power, AMD Virtualization, and seamless quad-core upgradeability.

Socket-F could be around on the server platform for a while, and Tyan's nod towards upgradeability is good. Of course, AMD and motherboard manufacturers are no strangers to such practices, with many desktop and server boards taking dual-core processors with little more than a BIOS update, when they first became available.

The new Tyan boards should be available in Q3 and Q4 of this year.

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I wonder with the socket shift if they'll be as overclocker friendly, or if they will be soley high end workstation/server again?
These are strictly workstation/server boards. High stock performance if you can afford the processors and RAM but no OCing.