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AMD bans Intel notebooks!

by Willy Deeplung on 25 July 2006, 16:19


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Thou shalt NOT talk about Intel.

It's a competitive ol' world out there, ain't it? Take AMD, which, as you well know, very recently announced its intention to merge with ATI Technologies to, amongst other things, take on those Intel noobs.

It seems AMD ain't stopping there, though... Image is important, as is evident from some amusing 'restrictions' applied to an AMD ODM event being held in India next month.

At the August event, there'll be the usual barrage of presentations, as you'd expect.

However, woe betide anyone who attempts to fire up PowerPoint on an Intel powered lappy. Nope, that's not going to be possible, because only AMD based notebooks will be allowed anywhere at the event, including the resort, conferences and meeting rooms. Oh, and the manufacturers attending can't talk about products involving Intel either.

Here's an extract from a document we were shown by a well connected barmaid who served us up a fine Mojito yesterday: -

No presentations can be on Intel Notebook, only AMD based notebooks allowed inside the resort, conference and meeting rooms

ODMs cannot discuss competitive solution in the venue.

So it seems Intel will be a dirty word at this event, meaning all Centrinos will have to be left at home. Score!

We wonder if an update to this document will be issued stating that notebooks with NVIDIA graphics chips will also be banned... we'll do our best to let you know if it does... :p

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they arent the only 1s to do this tho… are they?
father smurf
they arent the only 1s to do this tho… are they?

I would have guess Intel might have been doing it all the time.. perhaps more discretely.. like.. use an AMD notebook, and you're quietly sacked the next month..
That's really quite petty in my opinion. *

How inconvenient is that going to be for all those people with centrino based (for example) notebooks? It's not like anyone's going to say ‘oh, you’re using an intel based system? you know what, i think i'll tell thousands of people to buy one right now'.

* Assuming it's true of course
Someones got conroe fear :P
what next eh? nvidia chipsets being banned from AMD motherboards?