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Desktop Llano graphics combinations disclosed

by Navin Maini on 24 June 2011, 15:47


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Information has emerged, claiming to detail supported dual-graphics combinations, for upcoming desktop Llano APUs.



The particulars seem to set out some interesting fusions, notably claiming that the combination of an A8-Series APU - with a Turks XT HD 6670 SKU - could equal HD 6990 D2 graphics prowess. This is perhaps a typo, considering more realistic claims that such a combination, would deliver oomph to the power of an HD 6690.

There are also some instances where the coming-together of a Llano APU and discrete GPU, won't offer any more than an attachment without benefits, but the rest of the table seems to settle in with expectations.

Wrapping-up, there's also an indication as to how AiO systems - using a Llano APU and discrete graphics solution - should tally up.

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