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AMD intros low-power quad-core Opteron chips with 40W rating

by Tarinder Sandhu on 23 April 2009, 09:42

Tags: Opteron EE, AMD (NYSE:AMD)

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Debuting no less than 12 new Opteron chips yesterday, AMD latched on to Earth Day and introduced a couple of quad-core server-orientated chips with an average power consumption of just 40W.

The two models - Opteron 2373 EE (2.1GHz) and Opteron 2377 EE (2.3GHz). - are designed to work in datacentres where chip density and energy efficiency are considered to be primary criteria. Designed to fit into dual-socket motherboards, the new chips are based on AMD's Shanghai server architecture and ship with 6MB of L3 cache.

AMD's not divulged the pricing of the new energy-efficient chips, but we can guesstimate it from the $450 list value of the Opteron 2379 HE (2.4GHz, 55W ACP).

The new Opteron EE range complements the newly-introduced line-up that includes a bunch of HE (High Efficiency) models with a 55W ACP, standard chips with a 75W ACP, and Opteron SE with a 105W ACP.  

Now, where's my 40W desktop Phenom II?

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Now, where's my 40W desktop Phenom II?
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I find this frustrating from a consumer standpoint. CPU's with this amount of performance coupled with such a low TDP would be a great solution for many applications in the home. It would suit anything where you need a server on 24x7 or even other scenarios like a HTPC which you may want to leave running all the time.

However the pricing is just too high for it to make sense. I know AMD needs to make a profit and at the moment it's a premium product but I wonder how much extra it really costs to make a power optimised CPU.