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AMD Phenom II 955 surfaces at US etailer, priced at £275

by Tarinder Sandhu on 16 April 2009, 14:00

Tags: Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition, AMD (NYSE:AMD)

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AMD brought back some bite with the release of its Phenom II chips at the start of the year. Augmented by AM3 models a little later on, AMD's pricing is such that it's battling against a raft of Intel Core 2 chips, rather than taking on the might of the Core i7. A 3.0GHz-clocked Phenom II 940 is available for £183 whilst the 2.8GHz model, Phenom II 920, is listed for just under £160.

Our testing showed that the '940 model scaled to 3.6GHz with just a basic fiddle in the BIOS, paving the way for faster-clocked Phenom IIs in the near future. Indeed, we reported on the probability of a Phenom II 955 chip, clocked in at 3.2GHz, last month.

Lending further credence to the imminent arrival of the chip is a listing at a US etailer.

Let's assume that the listing is accurate with respect to specification and projected price. The Phenom II 940 AM2+ etails for $215 at Newegg whilst the Phenom II 920 is available for $184.

Undertake a quick dollar-to-pound calculation and the 'Phenom II X4 955', if released, could cost £275 or so - for, ostensibly, around 7 per cent extra clock-speed over the '940.

Conjecturing further, the Intel Core i7 920 ships at $289, so the unit price may well be erroneous in this case.

It's a game of wait and see if the 955 BE ever makes it to retail. Should it do so, it will, ceteris paribus, need to be priced at a maximum of £240 (below Core i7 920) for it to be viable proposition, we reckon.

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1) If the price *is* correct, then it's way to high. As you say, it *must* be priced below the i7 920 and preferably as close to £200 as possible…

2) AM2+?!? I do hope not! That would be a massive backwards step with AM3 parts already on the market!

Possibly more than one issue with the listing, then…?
Not a chance, that's extortionate! Unless it's cheaper than the i7 920 it'll be a very hard sell, you can grab 6GB DDR3 for £60 these days which makes it about the same £/GB price as 1066 DDR2. With memory and the chips the same price the only real cost becomes the extra £50-£100 for an X58 mobo, well worth the extra.

To be honest though i'm looking at going i7 now, prices have come down nicely! Prices starting from £440 for the chip, board and 6GB RAM really isn't too bad. Only £100 or so more than the 940 and £50 more than going Q9550 with a good board.
couldn't agree more! It cant be priced above the i7 or the only ppl who will buy it are die hard fans with more money than sense, which i can imagine is a pretty small market.
I definitely agree with you guys, especially considering the overall upgrade price would be almost as extortionate as the Core i7, having to buy an AM3 motherboard and DDR3 RAM would really heighten the price - the 940 BE sells on Scan for just £185 so most people will just buy that and put it in their current AM2+ motherboards… the 955 (at the said price) makes no sense. At all.
AM2+? Damn want AM3 :)