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Leak suggests Intel has an 8+8 core CPU in the pipeline

by Mark Tyson on 9 March 2020, 12:11

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We already know quite a bit about Intel's upcoming Lakefield hybrid CPUs. The chipmaker recently extensively teased Lakefield and we have seen indications that Samsung is testing a portable device which packs a 4+1 CPU from this family. The particular CPU spied was called an Intel Core i5-L16G7 which packed five CPU cores: these are Tremont and Sunny Cove cores in a 4+1 configuration, alongside a G7 graphics iGPU. Now there are indications that Intel is going much further along the big.LITTLE route, ala Arm, with the upcoming Alder Lake-S series of CPUs.

If this leak is reliable, Alder Lake-S will be available in at least the configurations charted above. VideoCardz thinks the cores are probably of the Golden Cove and Gracemont varieties. For a bit of background, Golden Cove was unveiled by Intel at its 2018 Architecture Day as a successor to Willow Cove. Similarly, Gracemont is set to be the successor to Tremont for ultra-low power devices and microservers. Both Golden Cove and Gracemont were originally pencilled in for a 2021 release.

In the top table you see that Alder Lake-S appears to need a socket LGA 1700 motherboard. Intel's imminent Comet Lake S processors will be using LGA 1200. Other things you can see in the table are the various SKU core configurations, and the TDP figures for the processors. VideoCardz suggests that Alder Lake S will be a 10nm part with PCIe 4.0 support with a possibility of DDR5 support.

Intel Core i5-10400 pictured

While you have the salt shaker out for the above story, it is worth mentioning that a purported Intel Core i5-10400 CPU has been pictured an detailed by the same original source as the above Alder Lake-S info, PTT, via VideoCardz. It is asserted that the Core i5-10400 comes with 6C/12T config, clocked up to 4.3GHz in single threaded tasks, and offering a 4.0GHz all-core boost.

A further news nugget from the source is that these 10th gen Core processors for the desktop consumer / enthusiast market will come out of hiding on Monday, 13th April. There follows a five week product introduction period.

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Will it also ship with 8 big + 8 little and 1 whopping security vulnerability?
New motherboard , new memory and a huge price tag too!

My next upgrade is Ryzen as I've had enough of Intel.
New motherboard , new memory and a huge price tag too!

My next upgrade is Ryzen as I've had enough of Intel.

Same here. Now the main 3 pc's I use are all Ryzen based, and with the budget I had they are now 2 x 2600's and a 2700. All with fast nvme ssd's etc. My main work is with multithreaded applications and the motherboards have all been reasonably (£60-£70) priced as well
Dont want to buy a new motherboard all the time just because of the socket….
If Intel are going with such an arrangement,and especially going by the TDPs,I think 10NM desktop CPUs,probably have a very poor voltage-frequency curve.