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Mainstream Nehalem chips in Q4 '08, says leaked Intel roadmap

by Parm Mann on 11 June 2008, 15:49

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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We've been assuming that Intel's next-generation Nehalem processor would land in Q4 '08 for the high-end market. With many of us reluctant to pay hundreds of pounds for a chip, we were expecting to wait until 2009 for Nehalem parts aimed at the mainstream.

However, according to a leaked Intel roadmap captured by, we might not be made to wait at all.

The image isn't of the best quality, and suffers from an awkwardly placed watermark, but the important details are clear enough.

Bloomfield, codename for Intel's desktop Nehalem parts, will be available as a 2.66GHz chip aimed at the mainstream market in Q4 '08. It'll be accompanied by 2.93GHz and 3.2GHz parts, for the performance and extreme brackets, respectively.

Intel still doesn't appear to have a commercial name for Bloomfield, but Q4 is fast approaching and official details can't be far away now.

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Awesome… but maybe I should have stuck with my 4400x2 for a little while longer then… I'm guessing that its going to cost around £300+ though for the quad nehalem…
OK Intel here goes:


My invoice is in the post….. :laugh:
I've got an Google Alert for “Intel Nehalem”, and Hexus came up. Ain't that nice? :rockon2:

I'm starting to look forward to Nehalem. I think now's the time to start saving. Still not sure on the DDR3 ram, but at the least I'll need a new CPU (obviously) and a new MOBO, so I'm looking for around £200 (cpu) + £150 (mobo) = £350, at least, in my estimation.

Where'd I put that savings book? It's here somewhere.