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Intel's dual-core Atom to launch in Q3?

by Parm Mann on 27 May 2008, 12:36

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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We've all known that Intel will add to its single-core Atom (Diamondville) with a dual-core derivative, we just didn't expect it to be as soon as Q3.

According to reports, that's when Intel will launch a dual-core Atom processor, named the Atom N330.

The Atom N330 is said to feature two hyper-threading-capable cores, and will clock at 1.6GHz, slightly lower than the 1.87GHz that previous roadmaps had suggested. Reports indicate a 533MHz FSB, 1MiB of L2 cache and a TDP rating of 8W.

The chip will be aimed at Netbooks and Nettops (low-cost laptops and desktops) and shouldn't be confused with Intel's imminent Silverthorne Atom CPUs, aimed at MIDs and UMPCs. To help ease confusion, Silverthorne will be called the Atom Z series and Diamondville will be called the Atom N series.

Confused? Here's a little table to breakdown the current known Atom line-up:

Model Speed Cores HT TDP FSB L2 cache Price (per 1,000) Launch
Silverthorne (for MIDs and UMPCs)
Z500 800Mhz 1 No 0.65W 400MHz 512K $45 April 2008
Z510 1.1GHz 1 No 2.0W 400MHz 512K $45 April 2008
Z520 1.33GHz 1 Yes 2.0W 533MHz 512K $65 April 2008
Z530 1.6GHz 1 Yes 2.0W 533MHz 512K $95 April 2008
Z540 1.86GHz 1 Yes 2.4W 533MHz 512K $160 April 2008
Diamondville (for laptops and desktops)
N230 1.6GHz 1 Yes 2.0W 533MHz 512K N/A June 2008
N330 1.6GHz 2 Yes 8.0W 533MHz 1MiB N/A Q3 2008

Intel's Z series of Atom processors, codenamed Silverthorne, are already available to mobile device manufacturers. The Atom processors we consumers will come to know, code-named Diamondville, will be available in low-cost laptops such as the ASUS Eee and MSI Wind starting next month, with a dual-core desktop model following later this year.

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There is always something around the corner!
There i was getting all ready & excited to have the latest, greatest processor in a small notebook-type thing, and now (if i do buy it) i'll be wondering if i should have waited….
Oh well, it's always the way.
So 2W for the single core and 8W for the (otherwise identical?) dual core. Why the quadruple power - and doesn't that sort of defeat the point of Atom?:confused: