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AMD readies 45nm quad-core Phenoms - promises more and more performance

by Tarinder Sandhu on 5 March 2008, 07:18


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Literally snoozing our way through the near-interminable AMD press conference thrown to herald the release of the AMD 780-series chipset, we were pulled - nay, snatched - from our reverie by the flashing of some tasty silicon.

Leslie Sobon proudly displayed AMD's key assets - a silicon wafer containing 45nm 'Shanghai' Phenom quad-core CPUs, fresh out of Fab 36.

The Shanghai core - code-named K10.5 - is rumoured to bring around 10 per cent clock-for-clock performance advantages over the incumbent K10, with the chips endowed with a healthy 6MiB of on-silicon L3 cache, up from the 2MiB on current 65nm models.

Intel made the transition to the energy-efficient 45nm manufacturing process in 2007. AMD's gone about it in a slightly different way but should be on-track for full-scale production later on this year.

We're rather more interested in 'Montreal' - the current codename for twin Shanghai dies in one multi-chip package....

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We're rather more interested in ‘Montreal’ - the current codename for twin Shanghai dies in one multi-chip package….
And thus AMD chase Intel just as Intel chase AMD and start doing more native multi-cores. Reminds me of two dogs going round in circles ;)
So long as it helps keep the prices down let 'em chase! :)
They wowed us with the T Birds, and again with the Opterons, super overclockability & sound gaming performance. However, they have yet to give us anything that comes close to the overclockability & performance of the C2D & the C2 Quad. If they want to catch up they're going to have to radically revise the chip archetecture or start over, imo.

Disapointed :(
OiD, you are waiting for bulldozer I guess?