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Intel Penryn based PCs begin to surface

by Parm Mann on 8 November 2007, 15:49

Tags: Penryn, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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HP reveal octo-core Xeon desktops

Electronista reports that HP will soon be upgrading its XW-Series workstations onto the Intel Penryn architechture. The first workstations to offer the new technology are expected to be available mid-December in the form of the XW6600 using the dual-core Xeon 5200 and the XW8600 using the quad-core Xeon 5400.

Lenovo were also on hand Tuesday to showcase their first Penryn-based workstations, the ThinkStation S10 and D10 which they state are "Designed to offer Lenovo's highest performance and reliability for professionals in the most demanding data and graphics-intensive environments, such as computer-aided design/engineering, digital content creation, oil and gas exploration and electronic design automation". The ThinkStation workstations however aren't expected to be available until January.

With Penryn-based workstations just around the corner, it's expected that Apple will soon announce a newly revised Mac Pro featuring Penryn processors. Intel are set to officially launch Penryn on November 12th and Apple are rumoured to be ready to launch a Penryn based Mac Pro as soon as possible.

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