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EXCLUSIVE - CoolIT chills the Radeon HD 2900XT in CrossFire

by Nick Haywood on 5 June 2007, 16:32

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Computex 2007We've covered CoolIT's innovative range of coolers in detail at past shows but here at Computex 2007, the company has once again pulled something special out of the bag - this time in the shape of a bespoke MTC-based cooling system for an HD Radeon 2900XT CrossFire set-up.

The snappily named CoolIT Systems Reference 2900 Liquid Cooling System does away with the usual air-based cooling on the graphics cards and replaces it with the company's patented MTEC technology.

The radiator and fan are contained in a separate unit that fits into two spare drive bays and exhausts heat out the front of the PC.

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The whole thing is powered by a single Molex connector and will feature another datawire connector to allow the unit to be controlled via CoolIT's custom software - this, connector, though, was absent from the engineering sample on show. CoolIT's Geoff Lyon told us that the Reference 2900 Liquid Cooling System has been tested on the 512MB versions of the Radeon HD 2900XT with 3DMark 06. Temperatures, he reckoned, didn't go above 53 degrees, compared with 85 degrees for standard air-cooled cards.

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With that extra leeway on thermals, CoolIT says it's been able to clock its Radeon HD 2900XT CrossFire cards up to 950MHz core and 980Mhz memory. The result? A score of 200163D Marks compared to 17405 for air-cooled. Not bad, huh?

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Even better, the CoolIT Reference 2900 Liquid Cooling System will be available for end users to fit themselves, as well as to buy ready-fitted in pre-built systems. And we've been told the price for this cracking bit of cooling kit is going to be extremely competitiveā€¦ so check back soon for more.

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Check out the video of the Reference 2900 Cooling System in action over on HEXUS.tv.

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I blinked when I first read “A score of 200163D Marks” ;)
Is it single slot? If so then get these together with the AMD RD790 mobo for some 4x2900 goodness :)
Wot's more impressive…

…the cooler or the driver working ?

Is it single slot? If so then get these together with the AMD RD790 mobo for some 4x2900 goodness :)

Um… What do you mean by single slot?
Um… What do you mean by single slot?

One of these:

And two pairs of these:

If it fits it'd add up to a tasty computer. Can't really tell whether the blocks would take up more than a single slot though - could be close…