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The world's first carbon-based CPU cooler - in pictures!

by Matt Davey on 17 March 2007, 01:12


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The world's first carbon-based CPU cooler - in pictures!

A few days ago we managed to get hold of some blueprints from OCZ that revealed the world’s first carbon-based CPU cooler design. Well true to our word we are back with full colour pictures. This particular cooler is a handmade sample that was assembled in three days and hand-carried to the CeBIT show.

The Hydrojet is a hybrid cooler that features a mix of liquid and air cooling which hopes to return extreme cooling performance. Whilst the carbon core is an unknown quantity at this time the 100% self contained liquid cooling system mixed in with a double-pass air cooling does seems to be impressive, on paper at least.

The air is drawn in over the cone on the top by a silent fan in the base of the cooler which then routes the air back up the heat sinks exiting through the vents on the outer edge of the cooler.

The sample on display is exceptionally heavy, but the final version will be much lighter according to OCZ. We hope to have one of these in the labs as soon as possible but we have been advised it will be a few months yet before production samples are ready.

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Looks good, wonder how it will perform.
Matt, will you be adding this to the backlog, or will this get its own review? :)
That looks pretty cool (boom, tsh!)