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APlus Case is your biggest fan

by Steve Kerrison on 1 February 2006, 13:01

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If you cast your mind back a few years (come on, at least try)to a time when the only fan in a computer, if there was one at all, was inside the PSU. The CPU didn't need one, the GPU didn't even need a heatsink. Those were the days.

Of course, since then, things have got a lot faster and a lot hotter. Over the years we've seen the size and number of fans in a system grow. We've been through a few stages, including "my CPU is so fast it needs a fan to cool it", "my system's better; the fans make more noise", "my system's better; I have 53 fans" and now (thank goodness) we're more worried about quiet, effective cooling than anything else.

APlus Case, however, has constructed a case that reminds me of "back in the day" when I first got a 120mm fan. Except, they've gone a bit further... all the way to 250mm.


Yes, that's a bloomin' big fan, but it spins at around 650rpm generating just 22dB of noise, so it should keep the motherboard area nice and breezy without causing too much disturbance. The fan comes pre-installed in Aplus' latest case. Whether or not the fan itself will be available separately remains unknown. As closing advice, we'd recommend that anybody who gets near to one of these doesn't try pulling off the mesh safety grill that sit on the exposed side of the fan... things could get messy.

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OK - where do I get one…? :)
To second schmunk… there's no link to a supplier! Also, is this available as a case mod kit, or is it only that case?
Hi guys, it's built into the APlus case and I've updated the article to reflect that.

SCAN have stock of one of Aplus' other cases, so I'm guessing them and probably a number of others will stock the case at some point.
I'm checking into that for you … just waiting for a response back :)
/me doesn't want a case, just the fan :D