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HEXUS.eXclusives :: OCZ's new phase-change cooler

by Steve Kerrison on 5 January 2006, 00:00

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2006 International CES

OCZ, best known for its high performance RAM products, is entering the performance cooling market with its new phase-change cooler, the Cryo-Z.

HEXUS can exclusively reveal details on the product, which will be unveiled later today (5th Jan). The Cryo-Z features a copper base to its compressor head and an 'industrial grade compressor' according to OCZ. The unit is enclosed within a relatively compact case of aluminium construction. On the front is an LCD display which provides a temperature readout. An emergency shut down feature is built in.

While materials we've seen did not reveal pricing, they did state that the pricing of the phase-change unit will be economical, aiming it not just at the hardcore enthusiast, but at your broader enthusiast base also. This most likely includes those who would dabble in watercooling and beyond.

Of course, you want to see the thing now, don't you? Well here you go:

Cryo-Z unit

Cryo-Z head

Cryo-Z radiator fins

Cryo-Z compressor

We'll bring you more details as we get them.

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1337 - that looks awesome

I hope Hexus has some more for us and a nice review :D

If it beats good w/c (can't see why not) then Imma getting one :)
Ohh MY GOD. The suspense is killing me. I've been waiting 4 months to finally hear a review about OCZs new phase change kit.

It'll be off with the swiftech CPU water block, and on with one of those deamons!
looks awefuly a lot like Asetek VapoChill LS and/or Mach I/II (GT).. wonder if OCZ is making them, or having them custom build by a 3rd party.
I mean, it's a fairly universal design, so it's not surprising that it might look similar. There are lots of third parties that have coolers very similar to it. For instance, Drewmeister1 at extreme OC forums makes a awsome cooler, just like the vapochills and prommys. I believe he sells it a pretty good price, however, I have never seen a good phase change system for a reasonable price.

I hope OCZ don't come out with another $800+ kit.

I've tried watercooling. I've tried peltiers. But I've always wanted to get into phase change. The money has always been the biggest drawback.
looks awefuly a lot like Asetek VapoChill LS and/or Mach I/II (GT)

My favourite cliche is “if it aint bust why fix it” , and its true.