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Sunon's smallest fan blows us away

by Steve Kerrison on 4 June 2010, 10:34

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If you're a fan fanatic (yes, we thought of all that all by ourselves), then you've probably heard of Sunon, maybe even bunged one or two of their fans into your case, or seen them shipped with a heatsink. But you probably haven't seen any fans quite like thse...

Tiny Sunon fans

The "largest" fans are suitable for embedded devices, optical drives and various other consumer and commercial applications. But what's really quite breathtaking (if they're blowing in the right direction) is how miniscule Sunon can go...

8mm Sunon fan

This little'un is a diminutive 8mm in diameter and is designed for use in very small devices like USB sticks, or in other scenarios where there needs to be some active airflow in a really tight space. We have no idea what the CFM on it is, but we're guessing it'll be somewhere between 0 and 1.

If you can think of a good use for one, then answers on a postcard (or in the forums) please. Looks like we've now covered the full spectrum of fan sizes. You can't accuse us of not being thorough!

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The Chip on my credit card after the missus has been spending on it ! :surprised:
Thoes are actually quite cool

You could have them mounted individually on memory chips
lol @Andi-C's comment!

I had to get a ruler out to truely appreaciate how small that 8mm one is! It's quite an amazing piece of engineering. I wonder though where it would be useful; do things like USB sticks really need fans? I suppose the really high performance ones might but how would it work? Would you need a really small heatsink as well, or would it just blow air directly onto the device to be cooled?
I can see Pob255's point about precision cooling of individual memory chips. I wonder whether one, larger fan wouldn't be just as effective, but I guess these fans are for places where space really matters.

I'll be interested to see where these little fellas end up….
I suppose very compact devices might benefit somehow, but I do have to wonder what difference such a small fan would really make. Wonder what noise is like too.
mobile phones maybe?