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CoolIT announces Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling

by Parm Mann on 18 December 2008, 17:07

Tags: Domino A.L.C., CoolIT

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The likes of ASETEK and CoolIT Systems are doing their utmost to bring easy-to-install liquid-cooling solutions to the masses.

ASETEK's LCLC system is impressing in the GPU stakes, and CoolIT has managed to squeeze out a CPU solution before year's end that looks mighty promising.

The Domino A.L.C. (Advanced Liquid Cooling), pictured below, is a new ground-up design from CoolIT that promises to create little clutter while going easy on the wallet, too.

Domino's CPU block is compatible with both Intel sockets 775 and 1366, as well as AMD's AM2, and connects via corrugated tubing to an all-in-one radiator-pump-and-fan that can be mounted to any chassis' 120mm exhaust vent.

Offering something a little different, CoolIT has also equipped the radiator unit with an LCD display that lists system alerts, fan speed, pump speed, coolant temperature and operating mode. It's a very nice addition, but there's a catch - you'll only be able to see the display if your chassis has a windowed side, or no side at all.

Keeping the entire system nice and tidy, just a single cable connects to the motherboard and there are three user-selectable modes; quiet, performance and full. Between the three, fan speed ranges from 1,030rpm to 2,550rpm and noise stays below 21dB.

It looks a promising piece of kit, and even more so when you consider the relatively-low suggested retail price of $79. It's backed by a two-year warranty, and if cooling performance is up to scratch, it could become a popular choice.

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Sounds promising, the LCD display is pointless though, removing that and lowering the price would be even better. Hopefully Hexus will review this, CPU coolers are getting stupidly big and loud.
Yeah would love to see a review on one of these new coolers Hexus:)
Have to agree would love to see a review of this here. Especially in relation to noise and temps achieved.

Have seen it reviewed elsewhere and the temps are good, seemingly getting the same or close to the V8 or the Ultra 120 extreme but no one says how loud these are in comparison.