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Corsair releases popular premium coolers in white livery

by Mark Tyson on 26 February 2020, 10:11

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PC builders increasingly like to move away from having all-black components. Probably the most popular alternative in the PCs and components market is white, and with this in mind Corsair has released new versions of several popular cooling products with a "head-turning white aesthetic".

Corsair iCue QL RGB Series white fans

These RGB illuminated PWM fans were launched last year. Each of these fans feature 34 RGB LEDs in four light loops (two front and two back), so you are sure to get excellent lighting whether the fans are used in push or pull modes.

Corsair's new white QL RGB Series option is available in 120mm or 140mm sizes and in multi-fan kits. The kits are bundled with a Corsair iCue Lighting Node Core RGB Lighting Controller for customisation of lighting and synchronisation.

Corsair iCue QL RGB Series white fans are available immediately and priced from £29.99.

Corsair Hydro X Series in white

Corsair has also whitened up its Hydro X Series XC7 RGB CPU Water Block and XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo. This custom loop liquid cooling system is said to be finished in a "flawless titanium matte white".

As a reminder, the XC7 RGB CPU Water Block cools Intel LGA 115X and AMD AM4 processors with a nickel-plated copper cold plate and more than 60 micro-cooling fins. For extra visual flair it includes 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs. The XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo uses a Xylem D5 PWM pump, built into a 330ml reservoir, equipped with ten individually addressable RGB LEDs.

For smaller form factor builds Corsair suggests equipping the XD3 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo, no also in white. The XD3 has a high-performance Xylem DDC PWM pump and measures just 114mm x 114mm x 58mm, with a 180ml reservoir, and 16 aRGB LEDs.

More white PC components and peripherals

Corsair has published a dedicated White PC build section on its web site. Here you can see showcases of white chassis, fitted with the components discussed above, and with white motherboards, PSUs, DRAM, peripherals, and accessories.

When did beige go out of vogue? It is hard to find anything to match my Surgemaster F5c100u4-a.

Corsair - Asus RGB lighting compatibility

Corsair has just added Asus Aura Sync motherboard compatibility to its iCue software. With the newest versions of the Asus Aura Sync Utility and Corsair iCue installed you will have the option of controlling your Asus motherboard LED lighting via iCue. Corsair points out that this will facilitate motherboard synchronisation with a wide range of iCue compatible bits and pieces.

We are reminded that iCue isn't just about lighting but can also provide system monitoring information, adjust cooling settings, tune and customise input peripherals, and much more.

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So all those options, and the guy go with blue, that have been done to death for over a decade.
Lol I love how trends come and go in waves even in PC hardware. Pretty sure all white was a thing before the all black obsession of the last few years. I call all brushed aluminium next XD (or gunmetal grey 9_9)
And it has implemented Asus Aura Sync RGB motherboard lighting control in iCue software.
Aura Sync… Possibly the most boring and limited set of patterns and customisable RGB options on the market. No wonder Corsair stepped in!!

It does mean my Crucial RAM, which won't actually work with its own flippin' software, can likely be controlled with iCUE via Aura, though…
Meh, so it's just a different colour plastic being used….

I think I'd be more impressed if they'd brought out some fans that are ‘reversed’ so if you stick the fans at the bottom of a glass windowed case (or on the back of a push pull rad config) you don't see all the construction/cables when pulling air in like you do now….
“you don't see all the construction/cables”

So i am not the only one with that issue :-)
Though it is rare i have ever been in that problem as that part of fans have not been seen in my builds.

I don't think i will do all custom cables again, i feel like i am getting too old for that Sh..
So i will probably just go with some off the shelf ones as the surplus of them will not be seen, and i think i am old enough to ignore the fact i know the cable surplus is there even if it cant be seen.

after all it take quite a while to do do each and every cable in a computer to custom length and sleeve them too.
I will probably have to sew a little on my ATX and 2 X 8 pin pci-e and 2 X 8 pin for the extra mobo power, those combs people use now,,,,, that's a bit too much other people for me.
So my plan is to break out needle and thread and sew the cables together instead of big ugly combs, and see if i can remember any of the rope work skills from when i earned my money on the seven seas.

To boldly go where,,,,,,, probably not many have gone before.