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Auras shows off newest CPU and GPU coolers

by Matt Davey on 4 March 2008, 23:32

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Auras is a name you're unlikely to have heard of before unless you saw our coverage of the company last year. However, you may already have one of its coolers in your system and not even know it.

As the sole producer of the single-slot NVIDIA cooler, Auras has got a cooler in a fair few systems already but it wants more. There's a limited number of offerings on show here but these do include a few notables.

The first is a totally passive solution that Auras claims is capable of performing as well as the standard single-slot solution it ships with NVIDIA cards - although it does take up a second slot to achieve this.

Next is what we thought was a HTPC low-profile cooler but turned out to be for GPUs - actively cooled this time. It's a bit different and looks pretty substantial.

Finally, the newest CPU cooler is a self-contained 'conditioner' system - basically water cooling within a closed loop.

It looks nicely finished and easy enough to fit - we'll be carrying one back from the show to test in the near future.

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