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Arctic Cooling introduces two additions to Freezer range

by Matt Davey on 4 March 2008, 23:31

Tags: Arctic

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Arctic Cooling has two new Freezer-range products on display at CeBIT 2008. One is a low-profile variant of the Freezer 7 series, bringing the renowned performance to the HTPC market - we hope!

The other newcomer is a concept that was shown at CES earlier this year, the Freezer Xtreme. It has eight heat pipes in a twin-tower layout separated by a 120mm thermally controlled fan at its heart.

As usual with Arctic Cooling, a rubber mounting system holds the fan in place in such a way as to reduce vibrations while maintaining performance. We will be keeping a watch on this cooler as it goes through final development with the intention of testing it against the competition.

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I guess that xtreme one is aimed at taking on the might of the Tuniq Tower? hmmm… could be interesting…

now if they could come up with a half decent mounting mechanism that isn't either useless or breaks..
That is actually the exact reason why its taking longer than they expected - they are working on improving it.