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Size IS everything. Thermaltake goes BIG with CPU cooling

by Matt Davey on 3 March 2008, 19:39

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We interrupted the frantic setting up of the Thermaltake stand today to find out what's new in the world of CPU cooling. And it seems as if nothing in the world of Thermaltake is small this year.

First up is the Big Typhoon VP, an improved version of the VX which we praised in our massive CPU cooler review last year. Basically it's the same cooler but with an additional bracket to mount a secondary 120mm fan.

Next we have the new V14. Quite why it's called 14 is a bit beyond us, though we'll try to find out later this week, but it's basically a V1 which has piled on the pounds, coming in at around twice the size.

Finally there's a prototype cooler without an official name. The 140mm fan sits atop a cooler very similar in design to the VX, although rather than a standard 120mm fan, it's a custom design, secured in place with rubber dampeners.

Expect to see HEXUS reviews on these models in the coming months.

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