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Lian-Li liberally sprinkles PC60 chassis with lots of expensive copper

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 June 2007, 19:00

Tags: Lian Li

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Computex 2007 There are big chassis, small chassis, garish-looking chassis, yet very few stand out, really.

Well, Lian Li's PC-A60C does.

It's a limited-edition model that features hunks of copper for the drive cage, motherboard tray area and blanking plates.

[advert]When questioned on the proposed price for a chassis that features so much Cu, Lian-Li's representatives were understandably sheepish.

What we did glean is that it will be on sale in the next couple of months and, should you be lucky enough to have a wallet thick enough to own one, you'll have a nice badge stating just how special it is.

Pointless, exclusive, or just plain mad? Let us know in the forums.

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Looks gorgeous, classic case as well. Not sure it would be worth the high price they are sure to slap on it though. Probably going to get the A10 when I do my next build.
I think im going to be sick.
I actually think that looks oddly cool…

Opinions everyone?
The interior looks good, not to sure about the copper on the front.
Is this actually copper, or just a copper effect ?

Surely copper is rather soft, and wouldnt work as a mobo tray, so its its a cheap sales gimmick copper coated, i wont bother.