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Antec unveils P182 chassis – Including special edition stunner!

by Matt Davey on 15 March 2007, 21:40

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Antec is running in stealth mode at CeBIT 2007, with a small room sandwiched in between a number of large booths hiding all the tasty stuff they have coming later this year. This room is only available to a select few and HEXUS was invited to the party to see what new surprises they had to offer.

Click for larger image

We weren’t quite ready for what we saw, but boy did we like it. With a polished Japanese steel finish (check out the HEXUS bags reflected in the picture) the new special edition Antec P182 chassis is a seriously sexy piece of kit. With a limited initial run of only 5,000 units be sure to get your order in as soon as you can on this one!

Click for larger image

The above picture shows you the quality of the finish on the special Edition design, with the back of the HEXUS business cards reflected perfectly!

Click for larger image

There are more changes inside with the P182se, the whole interior features a black anodised interior which does look very tidy indeed.

Ok so that’s the special edition out of the way but what about those that just don’t like the style or can’t get a hold of one? Well the good news is there are three other finishes available for the new P182.

Click for larger image

The P182 design itself is an update to the extremely popular P180 chassis, with some interesting changes that increase the functionality including pre-prepared water cooling routing, Tri-Cool speed adjusters accessible through the rear panel and a lower profile 120mm fan in the lower power supply chamber.

Click for larger image

In addition to the physical changes Antec have also changed the cosmetic stuff too with a new colour finish being added to the range. Gun Metal Black (should that be Grey?) is its name and it fits in nicely with the design.

We will have a P182 in the labs as soon as possible, so expect a review from us shortly. HEXUS @ CeBIT 2007

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hmm, shame I just got myself the P180!

That's one of the best cases I have ever seen. Simple and clean!
There's more to come from Antec, its being written up at the moment….

Its pretty special stuff coming our from them in the next couple of months…
Hey, I was thinking the same thing that Nick posted when I saw the article title, as I had recently (3 wks ago) gotten a P180B from Newegg. However, when I saw what the ‘improvements’ were, I came to realize that I already had that. Apparently, Antec decided to send me a P182B in a P180B box (yes, I went back and checked the order and the packaging). I took a couple of shots with my phone to show you - they're not that great, but it does show the neat stuff.

Apparently, I can't post the url since I haven't made 5 posts yet, but perhaps I could describe the url. It consists of the classic www followed by a dot and the word ‘krystophv’ then another dot and ‘org’. The images are in a folder titled ‘images’ and are labeled ‘1’ ‘2’ and ‘3’ .jpg respectively. I find it unlikely that you'll have any trouble finding the images.

I had seen a P180 a week earlier than I got my case and thought it was strange that mine was obviously different, but I thought they were just updating the line without a model number change. Oh well, lucky me I guess.
Looks nice.. I wouldn't take the mirror'd finish tho - imagine the fingerprints from sweaty paws over it ;)