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Cooler Master Cosmos

by Matt Davey on 15 March 2007, 02:55

Tags: Cosmos, Cooler Master

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Cooler Master Cosmo

Cooler Master have been very tight-lipped in the lead up to CeBIT about their new products, although catching them unawares this morning seemed to prove there was plenty to see. Seeing as the larger-than normal booth was still in the process of being built we managed to catch products just as they left their temporary cardboard homes.

The Cosmos is their latest case, a slinky aluminium number that features a number of new features not seen on Cooler Master chassis thus far. There is one thing to say before we go any further; this is a pre-production sample, and a very early one at that. The final product is anticipated to be a fully-aluminium model, featuring Apple styled HDD bays and air chamber systems.

Both side panels on the Cosmos are insulated with sound proofing and feature a latch-release system just like the Stacker 830 series, what’s more there is an integrated cable management system too.

It has to be said the Cosmos is one of the cleanest looking chassis to have come from Cooler Master in some time, and we hope the final product isn’t far off what we saw at CeBIT today.

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The case looked so sexy :P
I wonder why the harddrives are mounted vertically rather than horizontally, vertical placement blocks the airflow quite badly

I wish they increase the number of harddrive bays though.
Really like the way this case looks…..but concerned about a few things really…….one being the vertical mount HD's as mentioned above….

Another would have to be the big wind tunnel running throught the centre of the case…..surely that would have a big impact on the choice of CPU heatsink….

The door also looks a bit flimsy…..but I do appreciate that this is a pre-production…..

Looks good…..looking forward to some reviews (once it's released)….
It looks like something that the missing nuclear bomb in a James Bond film would live in.

I quite like it though, but why do they always have to put some badly coloured plastic bits on the 5.25" drive bays?
Had my Stacker 830 for a while now and am getting bored with it - so I will definately be checking this out… :)
I've got one of these behind me in the office at the moment.

Excellent looking chassis - the quality in the build is astounding.

I want to take this home with me tonight but I can't.