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Jet turbine drives airflow in XClio chassis

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 June 2006, 17:59

Tags: XClio

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Jet turbine drives airflow in XClio chassis

Well, not quite, but not far off, as the pictures below will attest.

The chassis was originally titled A380, a nod towards the super-jumbo airplane from Airbus. It certainly promotes airflow and looks pretty good, actually.

Carrying on the huge fan theme was another chassis on show from XClio. This time, though, the fan was mounted in the side panel, perfect for concurrently cooling your graphics card(s) and CPU.

Are you a fan of this kind of design, or do you simply loathe it. Let's hear your thoughts in our forums.


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Not a fan of the lights, but a case like that, some huge passive coolers, and silence!
Anyone pulled a tape measure on that side fan?
The black one looks fairly nice, but the big silver thing just looks horrible and tacky.

Though this is coming from someone who owns an Antec P160 with a window and some blue LED fans, so….
I would imagine the side fan is 12.5cm…..the majority of new cases with side fans are using these…

Ah fair doos, i was just thinking of the whopping big one on the Akasa Mirage-62 prototypes