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In Win launches Star Wars-inspired X-Fighter chassis

by Parm Mann on 9 March 2009, 14:02

Tags: X-Fighter, In Win

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In Win has been catching our eye in recent months with a selection of chassis that might skimp on functionality but deliver in terms of aesthetics. First it was the sexy-but-feminin Allure, followed by Matrix - a sleek chassis aimed at the "modern gamer".

But, just as we were beginning to like the Taiwanese outfit's modern design ethics, it goes full circle and announces the X-Fighter:

It seems today's gamers aren't ready for change and this 80's-inspired chassis claims to offer "hard steel, silver and aluminium geometric lines, and a spaceship aesthetic that make the X-Fighter a unique chassis for the gaming enthusiast".

In Win claims to have takes its design idea from Star Wars movies, so we're assuming the X-Fighter is a cross between an X-Wing and a Tie-Fighter. Frankly, we don't see the resemblance, and though the Millenium Falcon has taken its place in history as a sexy piece of junk, our first impression of the X-Fighter is bantha fodder.

The chassis features two 12cm fans - one at the front, one at the rear - and a "VGA Turbo Cooling System" that utilises an additional pair of 8cm ceramic fans. It sports a tool-free design, features seven PCI slots, and rubberised components that should help reduce noise.

No word on whether or not it can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, but In Win reckons the X-Fighter will soon be making its way to the UK market with an MSRP of around £86.

Official press release: The In Win X-Fighter Takes Flight!

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I'm sorry, but that's just plain ugly.

It has had many slappings with the ugly stick of bad design.
:laugh: thats worse than the acer predator thing
Err … no. That is one awful looking case.

Its like R2D2 meets Darth Vadar meets Knight Rider
Oooo now thats fugly

Have seen worse, local pcworld have some “gaming” rigs in that look like an unholy spawn of transformers and duplo. they also had a suprisingly solid looking rig, and some commodore branded ones.