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Cooler Master Cosmos C700M premium chassis launched

by Mark Tyson on 2 October 2018, 13:37

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Cooler Master has today launched the Cooler Master Cosmos C700M premium chassis. The firm says that this chassis is the technological peak of the Cosmos line-up, and raises the bar of the 'Maker' segment by pushing the limits of case technology, design elements, and features.

Key features of the new Cooler Master Cosmos C700M include its unique frame design which supports a conventional, chimney, inverse layout, or a fully customised layout. Builders will welcome the removable motherboard tray for installs outside of the chassis. The C700M facilitates graphics card mounting either vertically or horizontally on either the PSU midplate or on the M. Port. The bracket can be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees and there is a 400mm riser cable included for your convenience.

As a high-end chassis Cooler Master furnishes the C700M with brushed aluminium side panels and cast aluminium handles and feet. A double-curved tempered glass side panel provides an expansive view of your system build. If you own the previously released Cosmos C700P you might be happy to hear this curved glass panel is backwards compatible with your chassis too.

On the topic of appearance, Cooler Master has integrated ARGB lighting into the Cosmos C700M. Specifically there are two parallel strips of addressable RGB lighting run continuously from the top panel to the front panel, with ambient ARGB lighting on the bottom that reflects against the aluminium bars.

Inside the chassis you will find advanced cable management options (plus three included cable covers), plenty of room to mount radiators (up to 420mm), and options to show off customised water cooling setups and their component blocks, reservoirs and piping. The chassis measures 650(L) x 306(W) x 651(H)mm and can fit your choice of Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX motherboard with as many as 8 expansion slots supported.

Cooler Master provides 'rich connectivity' via the easily accessible upper front bevel of the chassis. In this area it has included ports such as a 4-Pole headset jack (audio+mic), USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C port, and four additional USB 3.0 ports. In the same area you will find the PWM fan speed button, an addressable RGB control button next to the power and reset switches, and various LED indicator lights.

Pricing and availability

In its email to HEXUS, Cooler Master said that this chassis will be pre-orderable today via an exclusive deal with PC Specialist. From January 2019 the Cosmos C700M chassis will be available at other retailers and online outlets with an MSRP of £414.99 inc VAT.

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Four HUNDRED and fifteen Great British Pounds?!?!
Four HUNDRED and fifteen Great British Pounds?!?!

Yeh but there's another letter on the “RGB” acronym. It's now ARGB. I think they're being inspired by LGBTQPIAA+. More letters = more better. And yes, I'm consciously making connections between gay pride and RGB components. Can you say “flllaaaaming!”? *Minces*

I do think there's a lot to be said for a good case. It makes jobs so much easier and less frustrating. I'd spend £150 on a decent case that'll last years and makes access and so on easy as well as enabling you to fit in anything you want - I think that's ultimately worth it. £415? For an empty case? That's getting silly. A decent case will last longer before a silly cheap plastic bit breaks, rendering an important part useless and it'll also save you a lot of time in the future. And it's that time that is priceless as well as making a hobby actually pleasurable rather than an exercise in frustration management and application of plasters to bite marks from your case.
Nope, nope and nope. I love putting computers together (Recently built a 7900x machine on the x299 platform in order to use the Asus x16 m.2 card. 4x Samsung m.2 ssds etc) and the case cost £130. Even then it was quite expensive compare to what I could buy. Once it's in there… leave it alone. Plan it properly, but the parts you need now,if possible, but these companies are really just going for a cash grab at this point in time.

£415… Is nearly another 1080 card.

The case was a Corsair CC-9011096-WW Carbide Series Air 740. Not bad but the fans are not even close to being silent (Hence Noctua)
Premium is quite the word when something goes against the general aesthetics of current cases
How exactly is this “pushing the limits of case technology, design and features”? <admin removed>

Statements like that really put me off brands. I almost feel insulted that they think this kind of wording would fool me into parting with £450 for a case that is ultimately just a case. Very poor marketing.

The only thing unique about this case is the fact that the motherboard tray can be rotated and fixed into three different positions.

Oh, and I realise this is purely subjective, but god damn it's ugly! Thank fook for Fractal Design. Excellent build quality, decent features and durable components/accessories (e.g. fans) and for a sensible price.

More German stuff I won't be buying :P